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Monday, June 7, 2010

Heal the World
We can all help Heal the World with just one White Light Rainbow at a time...Allow God's Son to shine through our hearts and make a difference in this world by creating a White Light Rainbow and assist someone in our Circle of Influence.  Smile at a stranger in passing; open a door; lend a helping hand; share your "stuff" with those who have fallen on hard times; organize your cupboards and closets and give one-fourth of what you find there with a thrift shop and food bank; offer to babysit for someone to ease their burden of raising children; take an elderly person grocery shopping and pick up the tab; donate your time and/or money to help with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill; pick up litter whenever you come across some; give writing utensils, paper, crayons, etc. to you local elementary school; recycle as much as possible; visit someone in the hospital; visit someone in a nursing home; give what you can to organizations feeding the hungry, healing the sick, easing the pain of those dying.....What can you do to Heal the World?  Let Your Light Shine....Let His Light shine through your heart !!

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